1. Shirt Bodice Pattern

    Transform your basic bodice block into a lengthier bodice pattern for making shirts and blouses.
  2. Fabric Wall Art

    Can't bear to cut up that beautiful fabric? How about creating beautiful wall art, using fabric and foam board! It's so easy, you won't be able to make just one.
  3. Repair a Sweater

    No need to toss those sweaters just because you have a small hole. We show you how to fix those sweaters so it'll be almost as good as new.
  4. Button Bracelet

    Vintage buttons can become beautiful button bracelets. Watch our demonstration to see how to construct this unique piece of jewelry.
  5. How to Clean an Iron

    Don't toss that old dirty iron. We show you some tips on how to bring an iron back to life and give it a good cleaning.
  6. Welt Pocket

    It's a pocket! It's a welt! Put it together and you have the welt pocket. We show you how to create one for your garments.
  7. Working With Jersey Knit

    Nervous about sewing with jersey knit? Our tips will give you confidence to tackle this tricky fabric.
  8. Fleece Pet Bed

    Show your pet some love by making this custom fleece pet bed.
  9. Fleece Winter Hat

    Use your own head measurement to make a fleece hat pattern and then learn how to sew it all together.


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