1. A-line Skirt Pattern

    The basic skirt can become a fun, flirty a-line or flared skirt with a few modifications to the basic block. Let us show you how.
  2. Adding Trim to a Hem

    Spice up those hems with some lace and ribbon. Learn how easy it is to sew on some fun trim to all your hems.
  3. Amount of Fabric

    Don't let the back of the pattern envelope keep you from starting your dream craft. We'll show you how to read the back of the pattern envelope to figure out how much fabric you'll need for your sewing project
  4. Apple Cozy

    Learn to make your own unique apple cozy, using a little bit of fleece and felt. Apples will never be naked or bruised again.
  5. Applique

    Watch this tutorial to learn how to make your own appliques which are great for embellishing quilts, clothing, purses and so much more.
  6. Applique Seam

    Sew an applique seam, to make seams disappear when sewing formal wear with lace or embroidered organza.
  7. Armless Chair Slipcover

    By creating a custom slipcover, you can transform that worn out chair into something beautiful and new. Professor Pincushion will show you how to create your own pattern pieces so you can cover all your armless chairs
  8. Aromatherapy Neck Pillow

    A great gift to make for someone else or even for yourself. The aromatherapy neck pillow is a great comfort for sore necks and shoulder muscles. Filled with uncooked rice and dried herbs, it can be microwaved to your desired temperature while giving you the sweet scent of herbs.
  9. Baby Bib

    Baby needs a new bib! Learn how to make this simple and practical bib for all the babies in your life.
  10. Baby Bonnet

    This tutorial shows you how to make an adorable baby bonnet, trimmed with ribbon and little animal ears. Its held in place with fabric ties and the brim provides coverage from the sun.
  11. Baby Bunny Beanie

    Keep babies heads warm in this fleece baby beanie. Add some whimsy by adding an adorable face and bunny ears. Download our free pattern and watch a free construction demo.


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