1. Machine Decorative Stitching

    Get the most out of your sewing machine by experimenting with your machine's decorative stitches. Learn some tips to make sure your stitches look great and how to use them in unique ways.
  2. Ribbon Embroidery – Leaves

    Use silk ribbon to create different types of leaves and grasses, using ribbon embroidery techniques for a unique embellishment.
  3. Split Stitch

    The split stitch is an embroidery stitch that's both versatile and artistic. Watch this tutorial to learn how to create this unique hand stitch.
  4. Cover Stitch – Double Needle

    Using the double needle will allow your basic sewing machine to create a professional looking cover stitch that's perfect for hemming.
  5. Feather Stitch

    The feather stitch and double feather stitch is a delicate embroidery stitch, which can add a layer of complexity to any of your projects. Professor Pincushion shows you how to do the basic and then a variation of the stitch.
  6. French Knot

    The french knot is a classic hand embroidery stitch perfect for making flowers or dots. Learn how to create this stitch with perfect results.
  7. Couching

    Couching is an embroidery technique that can create many beautiful designs that can be done by hand or by sewing machine.
  8. Catch Stitch

    The catch stitch is an ideal stitch for when you need to hem knit garments.
  9. Shirring

    Learn two different techniques for shirring. It’s a great way to add stretch to your non-stretchy fabrics.
  10. Buttonhole Hand Stitch

    Learn how to create your own buttonholes by hand and give your projects a unique look.
  11. Hand Sewing 101

    This tutorial shows you how to get started with hand sewing, from how to knot to how to hold the needle. If you've never used a needle and thread before, youll want to watch this video.


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