1. Sewing with Neoprene

    Ready to work with a fashion forward fabric like neoprene? Check out this tutorial to get the downlow on sewing with this unique fabric.
  2. Precare Fabric

    As much as we'd like to just jump into a project, it's usually a good idea to first do some prep work. One of these is pretreating your fabric to prevent problems later on.
  3. Sequin Fabric

    Before jumping into sewing with sequin fabric, check out these tips to get a better understanding on how best to succeed with this difficult fabric.
  4. Working with Brocade

    Nothing makes a garment look more high end and elegant than brocade. Learn some tips to make sewing with brocade a lot easier.
  5. Working With Knits – Knit 101

    Learn the tips and tricks in working with knits and you'll be on your way to working with this fantastic fabric for all your garment needs.
  6. Working With Jersey Knit

    Nervous about sewing with jersey knit? Our tips will give you confidence to tackle this tricky fabric.
  7. Working with Chiffon

    Leave your fear of sewing with chiffon behind as this tutorial offers tips and tricks to working with this delicate fabric.
  8. Working With Plaid

    Does the process of sewing with plaid or stripes, scare you away from fabric you love? Our demonstration gives you some tips on working with tricky design fabrics.
  9. Working with Leather and Vinyl

    Interested in working with leather or vinyl? Watch this tutorial to get some tips and tricks to working with these fabrics.


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