1. Straight Pins 101

    Picking the right straight pins are just as important as picking the needle for your projects. Watch this tutorial to get the low down on different types of straight pins.
  2. Thread 101

    It's very important to pick out the right thread for you project and there's so many different options out there. We'll show you what those options mean.
  3. Tracing Wheel

    Discover the wonderful and helpful attributes of the tracing wheel. See a demonstration on how to transfer marks to your fabric or duplicate pattern pieces.
  4. Beginner’s Sewing Tools

    Want to start sewing and don't even know where to get started? Check out this tutorial for an overview of the tools you'll need in order to get started.
  5. Rotary Cutting

    Learn the in and out of rotary cutting. Learn how to use each piece and how to properly take care of it. Rotary cutting will change the way you cut out fabric.
  6. Measuring Tools

    Measuring tools are one of the most important things you'll need in your sewing box. Find out which ones are the best in our tutorial.
  7. Marking Tools

    An essential tool for anyone who sews is the dressmaker chalk and fabric marker. Marking one fabric pieces is important as it is a visual guideline you can use to line up pieces or make sure things are even.
  8. Ironing Techniques

    When learning how to sew, youll soon realize that youll spend almost as much time ironing as you do sewing. Ironing is extremely important in getting your items to look as nice as they possibly can. Consult this video to learn when to iron and the techniques for the best results.
  9. Pins and Needles

    Without pins and needles there wouldn't be any sewing. These two items have been helping seamstresses for centuries. You'll want to make sure you have them in your sewing box.
  10. Seam Ripper

    Professor Pincushion shows you how to use the seam ripper for minimum damage to your fabric.
  11. Scissors

    Watch this video to learn all about fabric scissors and also the other type of scissors you may come across in the sewing world.


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