1. Knit Sleeve Band

    Make the bottom of your knit sleeves fitted by adding a sleeve band made of ribbed knit. It's easy to add, even if you lack a pattern and we show you how it's done.
  2. Raglan Sleeve

    Learn to sew the raglan sleeve for a fun, casual look for your sweatshirts and t-shirts. The raglan sleeve gives your tops a unique look that can be in a contrast color or the same fabric as the bodice.
  3. Hairline Seam

    The hairline seam is perfect for sheers and chiffons, when you want your seam allowance to be minimal. Learn how it's done!
  4. Applique Seam

    Sew an applique seam, to make seams disappear when sewing formal wear with lace or embroidered organza.
  5. Ribbed Neckline

    Create a professional looking t-shirt or sweatshirt by learning to sew the ribbed neckline. This demonstration will show you how to calculate the size of your neck band and how to sew it all together.
  6. Inset Sleeve

    Sewing inset sleeves doesn't have to be tricky and we're here to show you each step of the way.
  7. Piped Hem

    Spice up the hemed area of your garments with piping. The piped hem can give your pajama pants or any hemline an upscale look.
  8. Tulip Sleeve

    Want to duplicate the tulip sleeve look? We show you how to alter a common sleeve pattern to create tulip sleeve pattern pieces and then show you how to sew your new sleeve together.
  9. Wrap Skirt Assembly – Reversible

    What's better than a fun skirt? One that's also reversible so you can use two different fabrics. Learn how to use your wrap skirt pattern to sew a unique reversible wrap skirt.
  10. Collar Trim

    Adding trim to your collars can add a delicate detail to your garments. Learn two different ways how you can pull off this technique.
  11. Pajama Pants Assembly

    Pajama pants are an essential garment that everyone loves. Use your pajama pant pattern to make the perfect pajamas in no time at all.


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