1. Bias Tape 101

    Sometimes it's difficult to know which type of binding to use for your project. This tutorial covers single folded, double folded and satin blanket binding. We cover the differences in these bias tapes and how to use them for your sewing projects.
  2. Sew-in Interfacing

    Sew-in interfacing can sometimes be a better option than fusible interfacing. Learn when you should use it and how to use it.
  3. T-Shirt Repair

    Say goodbye to those annoying tiny t-shirt holes with this quick and easy repair!
  4. Right Side of Fabric

    Confused about the right side and wrong side of fabric? Learn some tricks on how to tell the difference.
  5. Fabric Dye

    Fabric store doesn't have the color you want? Don't settle! Learn how to use fabric dye.
  6. Repairing Lace

    Don't cry over the hole in your beautiful lace garment. You can repair so that it's as good as new and we'll show you how.
  7. How to Clean an Iron

    Don't toss that old dirty iron. We show you some tips on how to bring an iron back to life and give it a good cleaning.
  8. Hand Sewing Needles 101

    Not all hand sewing needles are equal and it's important to pick the right needle for the job. This educational tutorial covers the different types, needle sizes and how to thread them.
  9. Interfacing 101 – Basics of Interfacing

    Learning the fundamentals of interfacing is essential for garment sewing. This tutorial covers the different types of interfacing available and also how to apply them to your projects.
  10. Hemming Corners

    Learn three different techniques for hemming perfect corners.


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