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Tank Top Yoke Pattern

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Tank Top Yoke Pattern Stand

Tank Top Yoke PatternTank Top Yoke Pattern StandWhat I love about sewing and patternmaking is that there are really endless ways to be creative.  While the tank top/tshirt bodice seems absolutely simplistic, it can be a great foundation for many unique looks.  You can see in our images of the basic tank top pattern, I embellished it with fabric paint.  Then took the same block, added sleeves and, voila!, a t-shirt was born.  This time, we're taking that same basic block and creating a yoke pattern.  It's super easy but just another creative way to make the basic pattern something greater.

For my example, I created my yoke out of some stretch lace I had leftover from making my hipster panties.  I loved mixing lace with knit!  It absolutely gave my basic tank an elegant and sophisticated look.  If you don't want your skin showing through the lace, cut one piece of your yoke out of lace and one out of a knit solid and baste these two pieces together around the perimeter of the piece.  Or you can just use another color knit altogether and do some really nice color blocking.  It just important that you're using a stretchy fabric for both of them.

In this tutorial, we not only give you a demo of not only how to create the yoke pattern, but we also show you some of the assembly of this tank top.  The assembly is almost exactly the same as the basic tank top assembly.  We do walk you thru the part of attaching the yoke and then you can refer back to basic tank top assembly and continue at timecode 3 minutes 44 seconds.  Don't forget if you want to add sleeves, refer to our tshirt sleeve pattern tutorial.

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