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T-Shirt Sleeve Pattern

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Basic Tank Top Sleeves Red Shirt

Basic Tank Top Sleeves Red ShirtBasic Tank Top Sleeves Blue ShirtWhat's the difference a tank top and a t-shirt?  Sleeves, of course!  In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create your own sleeve pattern based on your own measurements.  Whether you want a short, 3/4, or full length sleeve, creating the pattern is easier than you think.  As a bonus, we also show you to how to make a variation of the short sleeve with my favorite: the flutter sleeve.  I love this look because it gives your t-shirt a softer look.  But you'll see how you can create variations of a t-shirt with just two basic patterns: the bodice and sleeve.  The ease at designing your own look almost becomes as easy as it is to make it.  I would definitely recommend completing the basic t-shirt bodice pattern before doing this one, but you'll see they go hand in hand.

After you create your pattern, stick around with us and we'll show you a quick demonstration on how to insert your sleeves into your bodice.  As with our t-shirt bodice pattern, this sleeve should be made with knit fabric for the perfect fit. For stitching together the bodice, you'd still watch tank top assembly but then insert this tutorial for the sleeve section.

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3 thoughts on “T-Shirt Sleeve Pattern

  1. Dizzy1957

    Hi (me again!)
    I am going to put a flutter sleeve into my T shirt. You say to do 2 rows of stitching. Is that 2 rows of zigzag stitch or straight stitch?
    Thanks for all your help with my other questions.

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