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Basic Tank Top Assembly

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Basic Tank Top Assembly Street

Basic Tank Top Assembly StreetBasic Tank Top Assembly TreeI really feel comfortable wearing tank tops and wearing them is a must when the weather is beautiful.   Being able to make my own custom tank top pattern is fantastic and creating the perfect tank top is easier than ever.  It takes time to create that pattern, but once you have a great fitting pattern, you'll be off and running.  Before you know it, you'll be whipping out tank tops left and right.  I mean if I just went on a knit shopping spree, I could spend a full weekend making all the tank tops I would need for the year.  All the effort is totally worth it.

Please note, that this tank top and the tank top pattern is created for knit fabrics, so only fabric that has a stretch to it will work.  If you use a non-stretch fabric, you will not be able to get it on and it will not hang right.  Please only use knit fabric when assembling your tank top from your pattern.  These days, knits come in so many fun prints and beautiful shades of color so it should not be difficult to find something you like.  If anything, it'll be difficult to not overbuy.

The Basic Tank Top/T-Shirt Bodice Pattern tutorial is a precursor to this tutorial.  In that tutorial we show you how to make the basic bodice pattern, created from scratch using your own body measurements.  We use the patterns created from that tutorial to assemble our tank top in this tutorial, so, please, check out that tutorial first.

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2 thoughts on “Basic Tank Top Assembly

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    The image on this tank top is hand painted and I stitched on his monocle chain. We will have a tutorial showing you how to do easy fabric painting designs.

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