Sock Dog

Sock DogSock Dog FaceSock Dog Upside DownAfter making our classic sock monkey last year, I knew I wanted to make another sock animal again.  It really is a lot of fun and a lot easier than you think.  Sure it may be a little time consuming with all the hand sewing, but the results are so worth it.  I mean, look at this little guy.  My sock dachshund is the cutest little guy on the block and though he would make an excellent gift, you will find him hard to giveaway.

As with our sock monkey, I love using the Original Rockford Red Heel socks, which seems to be the only socks that come with the classic red heel and gives my dog the vintage toy look that I love so much.  You can, of course, use any kind of sock that you wish, but the sock seems to work best are regular socks, so not knee highs nor ankle socks.  I used 1 pair of men's, size large and was able to get all the pieces I needed to make the dog.  If you wish to order the Red Heel socks you can find them on the manufactures website Fox River here.

You can also download my pattern pieces I used to make the ears, tail, mouth, and front legs.  The patterns are based on the size large socks, so depending on what kind of socks you use, you may have to do some alterations to the patterns to make it fit for you.

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84 thoughts on “Sock Dog

  1. Scorpions Fan

    Hi. I just ordered one package each of blue and green Rockford socks to make some of the other sock animals with. Since I’ll be using your patterns, I can post pictures of them if you’d like. I had no idea they came in different colors.

  2. Crafty Mom

    Hi, Your video is awesome. I had bought a 2 pair set of Red Heel Large socks a while back. I finished making my Sock Monkey yesterday and was looking online for a Red Heel Sock Pony pattern for my daughter and stumbled upon this website. I’m in love with this Doggie and I am going to make one Now for my daughter :-))
    Thank you for the detailed video and the pattern! Happy Holidays!

  3. the_professors_assistant

    the contest was for last year. Sorry forgot to remove that text. Im not sure what you mean about downloading the video, because it just streams from this page. As for the pattern, make sure you are logged in and click on the words “sock dog pattern” in the download section under the video.

  4. MaryJane

    Am I too late (Nov 2014) in trying to download the pattern? I have downloaded the video, but can’t download the pattern.
    Thanks, MaryJane

  5. Kim

    Awesome, and what a great video!! Got my socks and will start making this guy this week, then thr cat next week! So excited! Thanks for making these!!!

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