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Sleeve Assembly – Woven Fabric

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Sleeve Assembly Woven Fabrics

Sleeve Assembly Woven FabricsAfter you've created your custom sleeve pattern to go with your full basic bodice, now it's time to sew it in.  This tutorial shows you the basic steps of sewing in a set in sleeve, using woven fabric.  The sleeves come in after sewing most of your bodice pieces together, so I would have at least any darts done and front sewn to back at the side and shoulder seams.

This tutorial is part of our series for creating the full basic bodice.  We recommend completing the front bodice, back bodice, and bodice assembly first.  Also, I would do the facing tutorial if you plan on making your bodice collarless.  Since you're putting in sleeves you don't have to worry about facing pieces for the armholes.  Instead, it's always one or the other.

As with all our pattern making tutorials, I highly recommend sewing a muslin to test the fit.  You may find that you want less ease or more ease and it's important to baste pieces together so you can see if you like your pattern.  

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2 thoughts on “Sleeve Assembly – Woven Fabric

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    hi there,
    It’s a bit of a different process as the ease is different and the sleeve is usually apart of the bodice instead of a separate pattern. We may be doing a tutorial on this in the future. I think these type of sleeves look best in knit but a soft, flow-y fabric like a silky would probably look nice too.

  2. franthesewer

    Thank you for your video tutorial on the woven sleeve assembly. Will you be making a tutorial on how to draft a raglan sleeve pattern and the front and back bodices that go with that kind of sleeve? Is a raglan sleeve better to be made with woven or knit fabric? Thanks, Francine

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