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Skirt Yoke Assembly

Skirt Yoke AssemblyI love the look of a skirt with a yoke.  It's just another way of jazzing up a skirt.  Want to learn how to sew a skirt yoke?  Watch our tutorial as we take you through the process, step by step.  There are different ways to sew a yoke and this is just one method.  You'll notice I'm also incorporating a classic waistband as a way to finish the top of the skirt.  In some skirts, the yoke is the top of the skirt and they skip the waistband altogether.  But I loved how it looked with a waistband, creating a really sophisticated look, and it really was quite simple to make them both work.  If you want to skip the waistband, the yoke facing can be sewn to the top of the yoke, right side to right side.  Afterwards, you'll flip these pieces right side out and finish hand sewing the facing on the inside of the skirt. Or you can follow along with me and then also watch our tutorial on how to sew a classic waistband.

The patterns I used were created in our pattern making series that's part of our premium membership.  I used my patterns created from basic skirt pattern and skirt yoke pattern.

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3 thoughts on “Skirt Yoke Assembly

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    if you don’t want the waistband, you can cut the yoke, twice as wide so that it can be folded in half lengthwise and half of it will be on the inside of the skirt. Just make sure to make a muslin so you can try it on and see if the waistline fits or might need to be taken in a pinch 🙂

  2. Abigail

    Also if you didn’t want to attach a separate waist band to the top of the yoke how would you go about finishing the top edge of the yoke, thanks in advance!

  3. Abigail

    How would you had a lining to a yoked skirt? Would you attached the yoke then attach the lining to the bottom of the yoke piece then add the waistband on afterwards? I’m a little confused about the order to do things!

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