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Classic Waistband

Classic WaistbandWhat makes a waistband a classic waistband? I usually think of it as a wide, flat band, about 1 1/2" in width, usually found at the top of a zipper waist and finished off with a button or hook and eye. That's it. A classic if I ever saw one. And as a classic, it goes way back and has been the go to waistband for long time. It can be found on shorts, pants, and skirts, pretty much any bottom apparel piece. Although, I would not recommend the classic waistband for bikini bottoms, but I'm sure fashion will probably prove me wrong.  The technique for putting them in may vary a little from pattern to pattern, but I will show you how I always do them. It hasn't failed me yet and it's a pretty simple way to install them. With this type of waistband, you'll almost always will want to add interfacing to the fabric piece. The degree of interfacing, of course, depends on the type of fabric. Adding that extra bit of stabilization to the waistband goes a long way in creating a professional looking waistband.  Once you get the technique down, you can confidently put a waistband on anything.

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