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Side Seam Pocket Pattern

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Side Seam Pocket Pattern

Side Seam Pocket PatternIt doesn't matter if it's a formal dress or more casual pants, everything is better with pockets.  If you're starting to feel more confident at creating your own skirt and pants drafts, how about adding a little more detail to your creations like pockets.  In this tutorial we show you how to create your own custom side seam pocket pattern so they're customized to your previous drafts like the basic skirt or basic pants.  The nice thing, is that you only need to create this pattern once (as long as your drafts stay consistent) and you can add it to any of your skirt, pants, or shorts.  Creating this draft is quick and easy, so the results of garments with pockets are well worth the effort.  We also give you a demonstration on how to insert your pockets into your garment.  While pockets seem complex, they're fairly easy to install and you'll never let pockets hold you back again.

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