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Full Circle Skirt Pattern and Assembly

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Circle Skirt Sit

Circle Skirt SitCircle Skirt StandIs there any skirt more fun than the circle skirt? The name, of course, comes from the shape as the skirt, as when laid out, is in fact a perfect circle.  If you're looking for an easy skirt that really full and twirlable, then the circle skirt is for you.  I loved how this turned out and it was really easy to create.

I demonstrate how to create your own circle skirt pattern using the same techniques used in the 1940's.  Your own measurements are used so you end up with a skirt that fits you perfectly.  You can also choose your own length, from a short skirt to a long one.  Just be aware that these skirts often take more fabric than a basic skirt, because of the fullness.  Sometimes, in order to get the skirt to fit, you'll have to fold your fabric the opposite way than it normally comes.  If you're still having trouble getting your pieces to fit, instead of creating the skirt out of two pieces, like me, you don't have to place the skirt on the fold and instead create it out of 4 pieces.  Just realize you need to include seam allowance in your pattern for any area that will have a seam.

I'll also show you how to easily assemble your skirt so you can create it and wear it in the quickest time possible.  This skirt looks great in fun prints and I bet you won't be able to wait to get started.

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28 thoughts on “Full Circle Skirt Pattern and Assembly

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    Normally when you get your 45″ width fabric it’s folded selvage to selvage. Instead, fold it the other way, raw edge to raw edge. But don’t fold it completely in half, just fold enough over to cut out one skirt pattern and then repeat the process to cut out the next piece. You only need to cut it out twice and only 1 edge of the pattern needs to be placed on the fold.

  2. Muhsimoo

    Thank you but I think my problem is coming in with folding. I need assistance with how to fold the fabric for circle items.

  3. Elmaiira

    Hi professor!

    Thank you for the helpful video! I have 2 questions.

    1) How much fabric did you use to make your particular length of skirt?
    2) If I want to make a full length eg.35″ in length of circle skirt, roughly how much fabric do I need? I tried to work it out but I’m scared I will have shortage of fabric so I wanna make sure.

    Thank you in advance!

  4. ProfessorPincushion

    If you add a tulle underskirt, I would imagine this would be a separate skirt that would just be worn under the circle skirt, not attached. So you can still line the circle skirt and the circle skirt is not affected. If you get a decently quality tulle it shouldn’t be scratchy and you can also sew ribbon along the bottom to deal with the edge and give it a finished look. I’ve never seen fabric with tulle already attached. There are different ways to create it, as you’re discovering. Either have a fabric yoke at the top and tulle layers attached to the bottom or I’ve seen some with the tulle is the full length of the skirt. Both types just have a simple elastic casing to hold the skirt up.

  5. pookie

    Hi…..question regarding the tulle lining…does the tulle attach to the waist? is there lining between the skirt and the tulle? Or can you purchase the cotton lining with tulle already attached.. just wandering because the tulle from waist to length might be scratchy on my daughter’s leg. I did a search and saw the tulle was attached to half the cotton lining. Is that what you mean? thanks

  6. pookie

    hi thanks for the advice. what a great idea of the tulle lining. I think I will add the zipper since I bought it. …I did watch the pleated skirt tutorial great idea also. I will send you a picture when I am done. thanks and you are the best. so add i found your website. Saves me time not going to sewing class

  7. ProfessorPincushion

    the lining would be the same amount, minus fabric for the waistband. There’s only the main waistband. And skirt and lining are attached together at the waistline before the waistband goes in. To get a fuller look, you might want to consider adding a tulle underskirt. Since tulle is a little stiffer, it’ll make the skirt stand out more, or you can sew horsehair braid at the hemline. If you just wanted to add more fabric to the skirt, you can do the pleat method. Check out our tutorial pleated skirt pattern and I show you how to alter the pattern to create this look. Zippers are actually very easy to install, check out our skirt zipper tutorial to see how it’s done. Another thing you can do is sew buttons and button loops. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. pookie

    Hi Professor Pincushion

    If i wanted to add a lining do I need the same amount of material? Also If I want the skirt to be fuller do I add 1/2 more fabric? If didn’t want to put a zipper what do you suggest I do? thanks making this for my 2 1/2 years old daughter.

  9. pookie

    Hi when I cut out the pattern is the fabric folded in half? I cut out two of the same pattern..sorry very new to sewing just loving it.

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