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Cigarette Pants Pattern

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Cigarette Pants Wheel

Cigarette Pants SitCigarette Pants WallCigarette Pants WheelI've become obsessed with the cigarette pants.  I love wearing them and I love the style.  It's because of this love that I was so eager to create a tutorial on the basic pants pattern in the first place.  I knew from there that it would only be a short jump to the cigarette pants.  For those of you that never heard the term cigarette pants, it's meant to describe pants that have a slim fit or also called skinny pants.  I prefer mine to be body hugging so I like using fabric that has a little bit of a stretch to it so I can make it tight and yet still have maintain some give, allowing me to move around comfortably.

This tutorial builds on the work that was created in the basic pants pattern tutorial.  So the draft created from that tutorial is fully utilized in order to create the cigarette pants.  You must do that tutorial first or you will find yourself lost in this tutorial.  The nice thing about doing the basic pants is that your creating a basic draft that you can then use to create different styles of pants. So even if you have no interest in the style of the basic pants, it's still a good foundation to create and then build on.  Once you have it, you can then move onto to other styles you do prefer.  In this particular case we use the block to create the cigarette pants.  Once you have the cigarette pants draft, you can then use our basic pants assembly video to see how to put it all together.

Like the basic pants, the cigarette pants still maintain the high waist.  I actually have really come to like this.  Not only is it very comfortable to wear, but for someone like me, who doesn't have a lot of height, it definitely gives me an illusion of longer legs.  Also for those of us that are used to our pants being either way too long or way too short, it's nice to have a pattern drafted with your own measurements so that the length fits you perfectly.  What I love about the pants though is that they really are versatile in that they look cute when worn casually, but are very easy to dress up to create a very elegant style. Also, you can vary the length of the pants to create many different looks. I went with the full length but it would also be cute to do mid-calf or even above knee, if you want some cute shorts.

Go vintage.  Go cigarette pants today.

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