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Thread Sewing Machine

Thread Sewing MachineSewing is something that has interested you and you just got a hand me down sewing machine from grandma.  You're itching to start doing something but now find yourself staring at it, wondering what to do with this machine.  Many people feel intimidated at first by the sewing machine, but you will get past this one step at a time.  The first step is learning how to thread the sewing machine.  Next step, learn about the bobbin.  After that, they'll be no stopping you and you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.

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6 thoughts on “Thread Sewing Machine

  1. Kemery

    I’ve had a Husqvarna for 15yrs now. I’m a self taught quilter, but found your site wanting to sew costumes and such now. I watched this (because I recognized the machine) and realize *I’ve been misthreading my machine for 15yrs*! Obviously not completely wrong, but never knew about the loop right above the needle. Wow. I’m betting my machine won’t seize up nearly as much anymore! Excited to watch some more. Thanks.

  2. Allisonmia

    I’m new but excited to have found this site. My machine looks different. All my threading mechanism are on the top; the video is indicating it’s under a hood; a bit confusing but I think I got. it.


  3. ProfessorPincushion

    Are you talking about on top of the machine? You usually put it on top just to thread the bobbin. After the bobbin is filled with thread, you then cut it and put it in the bottom base of the machine. Also, it’s a good idea to google your brand and model number because you’ll probably be able to find someone else post about your machine or similar type and it might give you a better idea on what to do.

  4. sabrina

    I am having trouble threading my machine this is my first time ever using a sewing machine I am very eager to learn I am not sure if I am putting the bobin on the top right do I cut the thread after and what do I do with it

  5. Angella

    proffessor, i believe that i will make my dream come true from these lessons. please help me find a sewing machine to help me have my lessons so easily.

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