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Shifting a Dart

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Shift A Dart

Shift A DartDarts really help with the shaping of a garment but the placement of a dart is not really set in stone.  We show you in this demonstration on how to change a location of a dart, from one position to a new position on your pattern.  In my example, I'm moving a dart that is located at the waistline of my bodice and moving it to the side seam, closer to the bustline.  I want to eventually take my basic full bodice and extend it to make a blouse and sometimes it's just easier to move it to another location.  This way you still get the benefit of the dart but it's a little more out of the way.  You can also use this same technique to take one big dart and split it into two smaller darts.  Once you see how this is done, you'll have no issue replicating it yourself.

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