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Sewing Machine Needles

Packs Of Machine NeedlesEver look at the wall of needles at a fabric store and think, "needles, needles, needles, but which one do I need for my machine?"  Lucky for you, I'm here to help.

The truth is, as much as we'd love to just keep the one sewing needle that came with our machine forever and not ever have to worry about it, chances are that's not going to happen.  You can make needles last longer by not sewing over your straight pins, but accidents happen and someday you may break your needle.  (I've been sewing for years and I broke a needle last week because I pulled out my fabric without realizing my needle was still down.  Shhhh!  Don't tell anyone.)   Or you may be working with a new kind of fabric like a sheer or knit and your stitches are just not coming out right.  It could be the needle you're using.  And, frankly, needles just don't last forever.   Even if you're careful, they will eventually get dull.

Whatever the reason, chances are if you sew long enough, you'll eventually find yourself staring at that intimidating wall of needles.   Watch our new video tutorial on this very subject and learn the different types of needles and which one would be right for your project.   You can be in and out and back to sewing with glee.




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6 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Needles

  1. Marialola

    As a beginner I did not know there were so many different types of needles. I bought my machine at a yard sale and had to learn about my machine on my own this information is so important and helpful to someone who is a beginner–makes it less overwhelming. Thank you so much for these free tutorials.

  2. margiesue

    I have learned the hard way just how important the right sewing machine needle is for the right project. The basic principles taught in this video can save all of us the frustration of broken needles or ruined projects.

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