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Poncho Assembly

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Poncho Assembly

Poncho AssemblyIf you created your poncho pattern, then you must be ready to start sewing it together.  Don't delay and start learning how to quickly put your poncho together as we take you step-by-step through the whole process in this tutorial.  This pattern can be made with woven fabrics or stable knit fabrics.  I used a sweater knit in my demonstration which can be little tricky to work with, so if you're a beginner, maybe start with something easier like a flannel or fleece.  This poncho also has a functional button placket for a nice detail.  You can make this in a contrasting fabric, like I did, or utilize the same fabric as the poncho.  Don't forget to choose some nice buttons to really make your poncho shine.  If you need some more detailed help in creating buttonholes, check our tutorial on the Machine Buttonhole.

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