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Machine Buttonhole

Machine Button HoleYou can see that your machine has a buttonhole function, but how exactly do you use it?  Aren't buttonholes hard?  Why can we just cut a slit in our fabric and just be done with it?  Before you do anything drastic like cutting slits in your garments, let me reassure you that sewing a buttonhole with your sewing machine is not as hard as you think.  The buttonhole is really just a compacted zigzag stitch that has two columns that make up the sides of the buttonhole and a wider zigzag stitch on the ends that make up the top and bottom of the buttonhole.  Once you break it down to it's basic elements, the buttonhole isn't as intimidating.  We use Vogue 8927 for our demonstration of the machine buttonhole.  The process of creating a buttonhole on your individual sewing machine may vary but we do an example on two different machines to give you the general idea on how it's created.

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