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Pet Costume – Viking Edition

Viking Pet CostumeCLOAK FABRIC YARDAGE should be at least 1/3 YARD and not 1/4 Yard

Halloween is near and that means it's time to dress Hitchcock the cat in another costume.  This year, he goes as a fearsome Viking!  The pet costume can be created for any small dog or cat, using felt and a few embellishment.   Our patterns, which can be printed out, are for creating the Viking horned hat and for a cloak.  This project goes by pretty quickly so your favorite pet can have a new costume in no time at all.  Check out past pet costumes for other ideas:  Egyptian edition, Royal edition, and Renaissance edition.

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One thought on “Pet Costume – Viking Edition

  1. tlcmathis

    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. My cat would never hold still long enough to get it on, let alone take a picture! LOL

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