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Pajama Pants Assembly

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Pajama Pants Assembly

Pajama Pants AssemblyI love projects that can be completely fairly quickly.  I wouldn't say there's instant gratification with making your own pajama pants but, as far as sewing goes, it's pretty darn close.  Once you master the process of sewing pajama pants, you can finish a pair in a few hours.  In this demonstration I'll be using my pattern created in the tutorial Pajama Pants Pattern, so do that tutorial first before this one.  If you have a commercial pajama pants pattern, you can also follow along.  The directions might not be an exact match of the commercial pattern, but it should be pretty close.  The nice thing about this project is that you can use a variety of different types of fabric.  All fabric should be mid to lightweight fabric but you can use woven fabric like lightweight cotton or flannel.  You can also use knits or silky types of fabric.  So one pattern can give you several options and looks.  Pajama pants is a great project for beginners!

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  1. BonnieB

    I have my volume turned up as far as I can get it. I also checked the volume on the video, but I can barely hear you.

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