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Newsboy Cap

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Newsboy Cap Front View

Newsboy Cap Front ViewNewsboy Cap Side ViewGoofy HatI admit I have a spot in my heart reserved for a certain 90's musical about singing newsboys.  Give me a guy with a newsboy cap and floppy hair and I'll probably blush.  If he can also sing and dance, while sporting said newsboy cap and floppy hair, I may just as well swoon.  This genre crush may be why I've been trying to get a newsboy cap on The Professor's Assistant for years now.  He doesn't have the floppy hair, but now he has the hat, thanks to me.  One out of two isn't bad.  Now if I can just get him to sing and dance, I'd be set for life.

What I love about the style, is that it's a hat that can be worn by men and women, boys and girls.  Everyone can enjoy the newsboy cap.  My pattern is for adults and both the Professor Assistant and I can wear it comfortably.  I'd say it fits well on a 22" head, if measuring the circumference above one's brow.  For other sizes, you most likely can reduce or enlarge the pattern pieces.  Another cool idea is upcycling an old plaid shirt, making yourself a brand new, awesome newsboy hat.  In my eyes, that's the biggest tribute you can pay to a plaid shirt.

This video tutorial and pattern pieces are for premium members.  If you're a basic member, you can upgrade for premium membership at only $5 a month.  There's no contract or obligation to extend past a month so you can keep it for as long as you want.  It's worth it, because this pattern alone can take care of pretty much all your holiday gifts this year.  Who wouldn't be excited about getting a newsboy cap?

If I learned anything from my newsboy cap making experience, it's this:  If I make it, he will wear it.  The Professor's Assistant is still convinced that he doesn't look good in hats.  And I believe there isn't a hat out there that he can't pull off.

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5 thoughts on “Newsboy Cap

  1. littlecountrymama

    Great project. Just wondering how do you make different sizes for different sized heads?

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