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Narrow Hem

Narrow HemWho knew there were so many different types of hem methods.  The narrow hem is smaller than a regular hem (hence, the name) but bigger than a rolled hem.  Like a normal hem, the raw edge is tucked into the fold so the inside of the garment looks neat and professional.  While you may use this type of hem in many different instances, in my case, I like to use it to finish the necklines of knit tops.  Since it is quite narrow, it can handle curves pretty well.  Watch this tutorial to learn how to create your own narrow hem.

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2 thoughts on “Narrow Hem

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    It’s McCall’s 6754. You can either get it at your local fabric store or directly from the McCall’s website.

  2. Nuria08

    Hi how can I get the pattern of this dress ? I would like to do it for my gran dougther she is 6years old..thanks

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