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Rolled Hem

Rolled HemThe rolled hem is a very narrow hem and is the definition of elegant sewing.  It's perfect for your lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon or silk, as the rolled hem maintains that light and airy look that you'll want to use for sophisticated projects.  It's also a perfect hem for scarfs and handkerchiefs. If you're sewing something with a curved hemline, you might also want to consider this technique because it'll be easier than the standard hem. You can purchase a special machine foot to help you achieve the rolled hem on your sewing machine, but in this demonstration I show you an easy way you can still get this look without a special presser foot.  The rolled hem is a great sewing skill to have as you push yourself to work with more advanced and delicate fabrics.

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4 thoughts on “Rolled Hem

  1. lucci

    Please tell me do you have instructional videos using the serger? I have a serger and need help getting started and overcoming the fear of breaking it :-).

  2. MamaJ

    I wish I had of watched this video before I made a chiffon dress. It would have been so much easier than using my old serger.

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