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Maxi Skirt Assembly

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Maxi Skirt AssemblyIf you've completed your pattern from our tutorial Maxi Skirt Pattern, I bet you're eager to use it to start making some cute maxi skirts.  The assembly for this basic skirt is actually quick, so you can whip out a skirt during the day and wear it in the evening.  It's tempting then, to make several skirts and fill your whole wardrobe.  This is also a good project for beginners who are learning how to sew and want to make something totally wearable.  This skirt has only a few seams and uses an elastic casing for the waist.  I used 3/4" width elastic for my waist but 1" is probably more ideal.

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2 thoughts on “Maxi Skirt Assembly

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    You’re correct that it our backside can have an effect on the hemline. In your case, I’d make the length of the pattern a little longer. Then before doing the hemline, put on the skirt, and have someone help you pin up the hemline so that it’s even all the way around. It might mean that you’re hemming it 1″ in the front of the skirt and 1/2″ in the back. It sounds weird but the hemline will be customized to your figure 🙂 Hope this helps

  2. debznz

    I have a question about the back hip measurements, does that stop the difference in hem length? My skirts are usually 4″ higher at the back than the front. By measuring the back hip will that stop that from happening?

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