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Kick Pleat Pattern

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Kick Pleat Pattern

Kick Pleat PatternFrom your basic skirt block, it's amazing all the different and creative directions you can take it.  Who knew that there are so many skirt variations that could be created?  This tutorial focuses on adding a kick pleat to your skirt.  I love adding the kick pleat for adding some extra flair and color.  I added mine to our pencil skirt pattern, although you can add it to other types of skirts as well.  I just love the look of the kick pleat on the pencil skirt and it's also functional because it gives you the freedom of movement without adding a vent extension.  You normally find kick pleats inserted into seams but sometimes you want to add a kick pleat where there is no seam.  We demonstrate how to easily create a new seam so you can put a kick pleat anywhere that you want.  This offers you absolute creative freedom in designing your skirt.

If you've never sewn a kick pleat before, definitely check out the related video to this tutorial:  Kick Pleat Assembly.

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