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How to Create Patterns From Existing Clothes – Simple Woven Skirts

Duplicate A Simple SkirtWhen it comes to sewing garments, skirts can be very easy.  But do you know you can make a pattern from your favorite skirt without having to buy a commercial pattern.  In this tutorial, we look at duplicating the simple woven skirt and the flared woven skirt.  We also go over replicating darts and creating a pattern for basic waistbands and facings.  The best thing about this technique is that you starting with a template that you know you already like but now can have that same skirt in different prints and colors.  We create our pattern without removing a stitch so you don't have to worry about ruining your existing skirt.  Like with any pattern development, you'll want to test it out with a muslin so you can tweak your pattern for fit, but feel free to change design aspects or even change the length of the skirt.  Experimenting is all part of the fun of sewing for yourself.

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