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Skirt Zipper

Skirt ZipperWhen I first started learning how to sew, it was hard for me to get past wanting to make anything that did not have an elastic waist.  Just the thought of putting in a zipper overwhelmed me and I was so sure that it was the hardest thing in the world.  It's not until after you put one in that you realize it's not that hard at all.  In this tutorial, we use McCall's 6842 to demonstrate an easy way to install a zipper in a skirt.  There are many ways to put in a zipper but this method shows how to do the center zipper application, which I tend to find to be the quickest and easiest.  This particular pattern has the zipper put into the back yoke pieces, but the method would be the same even without a yoke, it would just go into the main skirt pieces.  Also, if you want to do a side zipper instead, you can still follow these directions.

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One thought on “Skirt Zipper

  1. Ladyelle3

    I found this how to sew in a zipper very helpful. The first time I followed your instructions I did not have a problem at all. My zipper turns out just like an experience Dressmaker instead of a Dressmaker of 5 months. I made a Simplicity #8439 Vintage 1940’s skirt and fabric belt.

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