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Flower Headband

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Flower Pin Closeup

Flower Pin CloseupWideview Of Flower Headband

When I first thought about making a headband for a Professor Pincushion project, I thought, "Yes!  Something straightforward and easy!"  This was right after my Limone Purse project and I was looking for something, shall we say, a little less challenging.  From project development to finishing the video, the Limone project took me about two weeks to complete.  After something like that, sometimes your brain just wants a break and what can be more fun than a headband?  Of course, I couldn't just do a simple, plain headband, so I created a Flower Power one.  While it didn't go as quickly as I believed that it would, this project is definitely something that could be completed by a beginner.  And not only that, but it came out really cute.

Styles come and go but I'm always so excited when something I love comes back into style again.  And, really, should headbands ever go out of style?  They're fun, flirty and totally practical.  You can go crazy with fabric combination.  I'm of the frame of mind that the crazier the combination, the better I like it.

Also, making a fabric flower was a new experience for me.  It was actually a very simple process and I love the results.  I keep trying to think what else I can use these flowers for.  I made sure to stitch it to a pinback instead of sewing it directly onto the headband. So it's actually a flower brooch.  The pinback makes it removable and would look just as cute on a jacket.

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6 thoughts on “Flower Headband

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    I would fold the pattern in the middle to narrow the pattern’s width. It can really be any width you want, I would just eyeball until you like it. As for shortening it, I would measure your daugter’s head, the way the headband would be worn. Divide this measurement in half, because this pattern is for half the headband and then shorten that measurement by at least 3″ (because of the elastic that’s added). Make one out of muslin to experiment first and make sure you get one the right size and adjust if necessary. good luck! 🙂

  2. pookie

    if i wanted to make the headband for my little girl are the patterns cut out the same size or do I need to adjust the pattern size? If so how do I measure the correct size for my daughter who is 2 1/2 years old?

  3. the_professors_assistant

    ok, those speeds are just fine. Its weird that some videos work better for you because the player is always the same no matter what video you watch and the video is being played from the same location as the others. For now, maybe try clearing your browser cache and try again Also try with a different browser. I know that my chrome browsers flash sometimes acts up but firefox will work fine. So maybe try chrome, firefox, internet explorer and see which one works best Also make sure your flash is up to date . Let me know if some of this helps

  4. Jessica_Can_Sew

    I have cox high speed internet. I know im not sharing the bandwidth because my husband is in bed. Some of the premium videos work just fine, like the a line skirt or the shirt videos. Download was 21.39 upload was 7.80

  5. the_professors_assistant

    Im assuming you have a slow internet speed? The premium videos are rtmp streaming, meaning that it does not download the video to your computer, then plays like Youtube does. On the top right of the video, when you hit play, there is an icon with the letters HD then the word on or off, click on that so it says “HD off”. This will stream a lower quality version of the video.

    What type of internet connection do you have? You can browse to this link and check your internet speed. Let me know what the result is for your upload and download speed (the up and down arrow results).

  6. Jessica_Can_Sew

    Is there a trick to getting these videos to load all the way? It will get 2 seconds in and freeze and not go any further

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