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Corded Buttonhole

Corded ButtonholeSome buttonholes need a little extra stability and support.  This is especially true if you're attempting to put buttonholes on a stretchy fabric.  Even with interfacing the buttonhole can still get stretched out.  The reason is that if you're sewing a knit, you should use knit interfacing and that still has a stretch to it.  The cord in the corded buttonhole will help maintain the shape of the buttonhole.  They're actually really easy to do and can be done on most sewing machines.  (Just realize that it's difficult to do this technique for a keyhole buttonhole, so I would stick with the traditional rectangle buttonholes.)  The added benefit of doing the corded buttonhole is that it makes it stronger, it gives it more depth (since it raises the edges up), and it makes the buttonhole stitch look more filled in if using a matching cord to your thread.  I recommend being comfortable with regular machine buttonholes before doing the corded buttonhole.  If you need more help in creating regular machine buttonholes, check out this tutorial.

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  1. Linda1

    Glad I found this site, took sewing classes 40 years ago and only sewed the basics, hemming and taking in seams

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