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Button Placket

Button PlacketThe button placket, also known as a partial placket, is a separate fabric attached to the center of your bodice or top.  It looks similar to a button band but the length will only go down a short distance instead of the full length of the garment.  This allows you to open up a fitted neckline that would otherwise be hard to put on or can simply be added as a design feature.  It may seem complex to add a button placket to your garment but creating your own pattern is actually quite easy and it's also simple to add to a bodice or top, even if the original pattern didn't make allowances for it.  There is definitely more than one way to add a button placket but I find this the easiest way to do it.  With this method, you're doing it more towards the beginning of the assembly process.  Normally, you don't add buttonholes and buttons until the end of the assembly.  This tutorial focuses on the creation of the placket itself.  If you need help in sewing buttonholes, check out our tutorial Sewing Machine Buttonholes.

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