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Baby Bonnet

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Blue Bonnet

Baby Professor BonnetBaby Wearing BonnetHello Kitty BonnetMouse BonnetBlue Bonnet

Recently, it seems babies are being born all around me.  Not having any kids myself, I don't really get much opportunity to make baby related items.  With all these babies, I  now have that opportunity and it's fun to do something different.  Baby items, much like babies themselves, are cute mainly because they're so small and delicate.  Better yet, these little handmade baby items don't cry, but they could possibly keep me up at night, (only because sometimes it's hard to stop sewing when I'm in a groove).

Lately, I've been having fun with the baby bonnet,  a cute baby staple.  I would say my mother agrees with me since she made Baby Professor Pincushion several.

I've made about four of these adorable bonnets in the last month and I love each and every one of them.  I admit that they're hard to part with, even to babies.  Little bonnets with little ears, who can resist?  I added the ears because I figure that baby animals were the only thing that could compete with baby humans on the scale of cuteness.  Why not combine the two?   Sometimes, I can't help being a softie and say, "awww."  I would say this bonnet pattern would fit a baby 6-11 months old.

The baby bonnet tutorial is a premium member video.  For only $5 for one month, not only do you get access to this step by step tutorial, but also access to all the videos, including their patterns.  There's no contract or long term commitment.  So much cuteness, for such a reasonable price.

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3 thoughts on “Baby Bonnet

  1. margiesue

    I like the ears on this bonnet. I see many different variations that can be made from this basic pattern. For example just rounding the ears rather than having pointed ears can make baby look more like a little baby bear!

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