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Adding Trim to a Hem

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Trim On A Hem

Trim On A HemDoing a hem is one of the basics you learn when you first begin garment sewing.  It's easy and straightforward, but did you know that there's creative ways to make it even more than just a plain hem?  Using different kinds of trim such as lace and woven ribbons you can spice up that outfit with very little effort.  This can even be applied to premade clothing you already have.  Just buy some lace and go at it.

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3 thoughts on “Adding Trim to a Hem

  1. louisemirodali

    Hi! I tried it on a bottom of an old skirt that needed “refreshing style”… worked out perfectly… Did it exactly as I was asking in previous post. Only thing is, it can only be done if you don’t want fabric to show between ribbon and lace… otherwise your method works best.

    I’m watching your videos as I would take an “Intensive” class of sewing…. up to now I was doing (sewing) stuff using the trial an error method…. I have to say, this is one of the MOST USEFUL class I have ever taken. Learning all sorts of BASIC BASIC things that I did not know (I should have listen to my mom when she was trying to teach me ages ago!) and I can’t wait to get to the more “advanced” stuff…

    Thank’s again for a great tool and resource… A must for anyone who wants to learn! I’ll make sure I upload some of my “creation” when I get there. I currently have 5 project on the way (all at different stages) and loads of “revamping”, refresing, repairing types of little projects to practice…

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    sounds good to me! 🙂 You’re the seamstress now so you can create your own rules and ways of doing things. The thing I like about sewing is it really uses your creative thinking and there’s always more than one way to do things. You’re on the right path.

  3. louisemirodali

    Hi. I’m new at this and I love it. After watching this particular video, I was left wondering if instead of putting the lace on the inside first and then the ribbon on the outside afterwards if it would work better sewing the lace to the back of the ribbon 1st and then sewing the lace & ribbon (now forming one piece) to the outside of the garment. This way, when it meets at the inside seem, the lace and ribbon are perfectly aligned and you only have to close one longer gap at the end with the slipstitch.

    Also, thinking about the slipstitch at the end, I thought maybe I could avoid it if I Ieft the bottom part of the inside seem open, hem it, sew the ribbon and lace piece to the end of the seem allowance and then refinish the seem with the machine all the way the the bottom of the lace… What do you think?

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