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Working with Leather and Vinyl

Working With Leather and VinylDo you ever dream of sewing with leather but think this is impossible?  It's not!  That's the good news.  The bad news is that leather can be quite expensive to purchase.  (If you have a store near you that sells leather, check to see if they sell scraps and they'll might work out a deal with you.)  Because it can be expensive, you'll want to learn some tips and tricks to working with leather so you can get the most out of your experience.

Our tutorial covers some tips you might find educational, if you've never worked with leather before.  (These tips will also work for vinyl, as well.)  We cover how to cut out leather and also how to sew with it.  If you do not have a heavy duty machine, please work with care.  Not all home sewing machines can handle working with heavy fabric.  When you purchase it, you want the lightest, thinnest leather you can find, which is the same rule when working with thick material like denim.  If you're machine can handle it, you'll be able to make all kinds of cute things, like purses and garments.

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2 thoughts on “Working with Leather and Vinyl

  1. Kate88

    Hello Professor

    I can’t find that wonderful double stick tape you use. What is the brand? or what store did you find it in?

    Thanks, just starting with leather….good & bad


  2. Donna

    Regarding clothing construction using leather, here’s some advice I read in a sewing book a few years ago.

    The author of the book suggested that anyone wishing to sew a leather garment, should first construct the garment with a stable woven fabric to check for fit and ease in wearing.

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