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Working With Jersey Knit

Working With Jersey KnitWhen learning to sew, many people feel intimidated by knit fabric.  It's stretchy!  That can be kind of scary.  And if you're first venture into knit is with jersey knit, that can be even more nerve-wrecking.  It's stretchy and it curls!  Yikes!  Should you just stick to sewing cottons forever?  No!  We show you tips for working with this tricky fabric so that you can conquer the jersey knit and, therefore, really any kind of knit.  We talk about cutting out pattern pieces, getting rid of that curl, and how to sew it so that you won't end up with wavy seams and hemlines.  There's no reason to be afraid of jersey any longer and you'll be able to whip out t-shirts and knit dresses in no time.

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5 thoughts on “Working With Jersey Knit

  1. Seams of Joy

    What a clear and precise tutorial! It is very helpful and alleviated, for me, some fears of sewing knit. I must agree with Professor Pincushion – Gutermann threads are a better quality than Coats & Clarks. They are the best that I have used. You can find them in various types (for usage) and the embroidery threads are superb. Mettler threads are also another of great quality although it may not offer as wide a variety as Gutermann. The needles used in the video must be Schmetz, an excellent quality of machine needles that has a wide variety of sorts.
    I am ‘brand new’ to this site and I am excited! Great works as I have viewed several other videos. I look forward to spending some quality time here.

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    I use gutermann thread, which I feel is a better quality of thread than coats & clark. I’ve never had an issue with guterman and for the most part thinks it looks nice. For jersey, I just use all-purpose thread. For velvet, you can use a silk thread if you want. When you do a hem with a machine stitch, realize that the thread is not going to totally disappeared into the fabric. You will see it. If you want the thread to be less apparent, then you want to do a hem by hand like a blind hem stitch. This is definitely recommended for fabrics like velvet or doing a hong kong finish but hand sew it into place. I hope this answers your question.

  3. UNIQUE FLASH 2015

    Hi,its a very helpful video but i’m quite confused regarding thread we should use,because the knit fabricts are stitch absorbant and I always have to face this problem when hemming, because the thread is absobed into stretchy fabrics like velvet and knit fabrics,which doesn’t look nice and neat. I have the Coats thread and when buying a single spool of thread there is nothing written on the spool about the thread type eg if its cotton, polyester so please let me know which thread to use fot knit and velvet or any other kind of stretchy fabrics, so they don’t absorbed into the fabric and please let me know about the brand of thread you are using in the above video, I think its not a Coat. Thanks

  4. Stasha

    Wow! What a great tutorial. I am new to this site and so impressed with your resources. Thank you.

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