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Working With Denim

Working With DenimWhile one may not consider using denim to make a formal dress, denim really is a lovely fabric, which is why it's been a favorite for garment making for such a long time.  Who doesn't have a beloved pair of jeans?  The problem is that even if we love to wear denim, beginners soon discover that sewing with denim is not a fun task.  I know I'm not the only one who hemmed a pair of jeans and then vowed never to do it again.

Do not be discouraged, because you can work with denim.  The trick is knowing your machine and the fabric weight it can handle.  Consumer sewing machines are not meant to work with heavy weight denim and, in doing so, you may risk breaking some of the internal mechanics inside the machine.  So, in choosing a lighter weight denim and you may have more success.  Also, be sure to prewash it.  This will not only take care of preshrinking, but will soften the denim too.  If you're set on working with heavy denim, you should invest in a heavy duty sewing machine.

In this tutorial we go over some tips and tricks that will, hopefully, make working with denim not only easier, but also a joy.  There's no reason denim can't still be a much loved fabric and maybe, someday, you can create your own pair of designer jeans.

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2 thoughts on “Working With Denim

  1. Modesty

    I’ve got a basic Janome sewing machine and says the features of this machine include the capability to sew denim. I’ve got 18 ounce denim which I wanted to sew a skirt with. I would only be sewing a maximum of two layers at a time will this work?

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