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Working With Curves

Clipping Curved SeamWe're back from vacation!  And I have to say that I didn't touch even a single needle the whole time I was away.  Oh, sewing, how I have missed you.  Let's jump back in and get busy.  I'm ready to make 2012 the most creative year yet.

This week, we're going to ease back into things with a little bit of sewing fundamentals.  Our new video tutorial is all about working with curves.  You know your sewing skills are advancing once your fabric pieces start to incorporate curves.  You can't get away with doing straight edges forever and why would you want to limit yourself anyways.

While sewing with curves have their own set of rules, they're really not that frightening.  The main thing is sewing them at a pace that you feel comfortable with.  Sewing is never a race.  (Although, it would be cool if there was such an event at the Olympics.)  Some common places you'll work with curves are collars and hems, but they can really appear in any kind of project.



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