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Working with Chiffon

Working With ChiffonWhat are some words that come to mind when thinking about chiffon?  Beautiful?  Soft?  Delicate?  Nightmare?  Ok, that last word is usually what you think of when you're thinking about sewing with chiffon.  Yes, this light and airy fabric can sometimes be hard to manage and especially not beginner friendly.  Does this mean you should avoid this fabric at all costs?  No!  Instead watch this tutorial on some helpful tips on sewing with chiffon.  We cover cutting, sewing, and hemming.  These tips will help prevent you from pulling your hair out and you'll never consider this luxurious fabric a nightmare again.

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4 thoughts on “Working with Chiffon

  1. carolscraftsy

    Can’t wait to start using the method.. Thankyou for the tutorial.
    Melton Victoria Australia

  2. Annie

    I’ve always avoided using chiffon but this tutorial has given me the confidence I’ve needed to make something a little more delicate. Can’t wait to get started!
    Thank you PP!
    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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