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PATTERN ERROR The Credit Card Pockets should be 4" X 8.5"

Is there anything you can't make with fabric?  Actually, there's quite a few things, but, there's also a lot of cool things that you can make with fabric, like this really snappy wallet.  Regardless, if you're using 1 type of fabric or 2 types, you can make a cute wallet either for yourself or a friend.  This tutorial covers making the pattern pieces and the assembly of the wallet.

This wallet has a hook and loop closure but you can always change this if you wish.  For the coin zippered pocket, I used a zipper that I shortened to 3 1/2".  If you need to shorten a zipper, watch this tutorial.  Also, because you're sewing through a lot of layers, you may want to use a heavier needle, like a denim needle.

Here are the pattern dimensions:

Main Wallet 4.5" X 10.5"

Large Pocket 8" X 10.5"

Credit Card Pockets 4" X 8.5"

Coin Pocket 6" X 4.5"

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7 thoughts on “Wallet

  1. jlitch

    I’m super excited to make this wallet! I’m wondering if it would work to trim down the 10.5″ side and not have the flap for velcro? I just want the wallet to fold. If so, how long should I make it?

  2. bettyahe

    Very cute wallet. How do I add straps and what should I make them out of. Would like long enough to wear crossbody. Thank you.

  3. viv'ssewing

    I made this wallet after watching your tutorial on you tube and found the inside edges of the credit card pocket a little bit
    bulky and wondered if they’re is something I did wrong

  4. ProfessorPincushion

    the hook and loop/velcro is 3/4″ width. It’s actually really easy to sew on velcro (make sure you get the sew on kind and not the kind with a stitcky back). Your machine should be able to stitch right through it, and you just need to sew on all 4 sides.

  5. Carolina

    How wide is the hook and loop? I am absolutely new to sewing lol, do you have any videos on stitching because you mentioned some and no clue what they mean or how to do them. But really like the tutorial and wallet would be awsome to make 🙂

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