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Vintage Planter Pincushion

Vintage Swan Planter Pincushion Vintage Dog Planter PincushionI love to shop at thrift shops and antique stores and I always come across vintage glass planters.  Some of them can be really cool looking but usually the planter area is pretty small and I'd feel bad putting an actual plant inside.  There's just no room for it to breath so here's another option for those planters.  You can also make it into a really beautiful pincushion.  I love using a velveteen or stretch velvet to give it an upscale look but you can also use other types of fabric.  It doesn't take much supplies so it's also a great way to use scraps.  Why have a boring tomato pincushion when you can have something like this to treasure and it also makes a great gift for any sew-er in your life.   Feeling inspired?  You can also use this same concept to convert candle holders and teacups.

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Planter Pincushion

  1. vwelch

    Thanks for this video! I have several vintage planters and think this will be a great addition to my sewing room!

  2. Rose

    Thanks to you, I have made my first ever pincushion. Nothing like either of yours, as mine is mediocre compared to yours. I will go and upload a photo and show off my achievement. Thanks again.

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