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Victorian Boot Stocking

Victorian Boot Stocking At FireplaceSweater BeforeVictorian Boot CloseupI like to imagine, under all those skirts, Victorian ladies expressed their wild side by wearing colorful striped stockings.    In fact, I wish I had colorful, striped stockings to wear all the time.  Why should Victorian ladies have all the fun?  In this week's video tutorial, I've combined the look of the Victorian, with the quaint look of old fashion stockings, when they were actually socks and not over-sized boots typically hung today.   Together they make a whimsical, old timey stocking.  Aww...The Victorian Boot Stocking.  How I love to hang you up and wait for you to be filled to the brim with goodies.

The main part of the stocking is made from the sleeve of a knitted sweater.  I like getting the awesome look of knitted without having to actually knit myself.   It's also a great way to recycle those sweaters you were going to toss out anyways.  The best part is that I can get two stockings from one sweater.   You can make this for all sizes of sweaters.  (Stockings made from little kid sweaters would look so adorable.  I want to make a garland of them!)  You just need to shrink or enlarge the boot pattern to suit your fancy and your sweater.  If you lay your sweater sleeve flat, it should be about an inch shorter than the width of the top of the boot.  Also, if you do the tutorial, you'll notice I left my opening near the toe of the shoe.  You can instead leave the opening towards the back of the boot, near the heel.  It's a little less curvy so some of you might find it easier.

In the end, I hope you will find this project to be fun, festive, and perfect for this time of year.  This stocking is sure to stand out from the rest of the stockings on the mantel.  Make one today and catch Santa's eye!


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2 thoughts on “Victorian Boot Stocking

  1. margiesue

    I love the creative and refreshing design of this Victorian Boot Stocking! The recycled sleeve attached to boot adds warmth and charm! I will be searching through my sweaters so I can make one!

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