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Tracing Wheel

Tracing WheelThe tracing wheel is really a great invention.  Don't believe me?  Can you think of another sewing tool that helps in three different capacities?  Maybe there is another tool, but I'm just too tired to do the research.  Instead let's ponder the tracing wheel.  First, I use it frequently when I'm creating my own patterns.  Second, it can be used in conjunction with carbon tracing paper in order to transfer marks to your fabric.  If you don't like using chalk or markers, the tracing wheel is a good alternative.  Lastly, the tracing wheel can be used to easily duplicate pattern pieces.  Don't want to cut up your only pattern or need to use two different sizes but don't wish to purchase another pattern?  Use pattern paper and a tracing wheel and create a copy!  Then you can easily save the original pattern.

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the tracing wheel to transfer marks to your fabric and how to make copies.  You can use either a serrated or smooth tracing wheel.  I prefer the serrated wheel but you'll find what works best for you.  What you'll discover is that the tracing wheel is an amazing sewing tool to have and should belong in everyone's sewing box.

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5 thoughts on “Tracing Wheel

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    I can’t find it at my local fabric store either. I order mine from amazon. Just search “alphnumeric paper” and you should be able to find it. 🙂

  2. rere719

    Where do you get large tracing paper and or this alphanumeric paper? I went to a fabric store and what they gave to me is small no carbon. Just not sure. Thanks.

  3. ProfessorPincushion

    I usually use the alphanumeric pattern paper but if you plan on using a pattern a lot and want something more durable, you can use sheets of manila-type paper. I knew someone who did this but I’ve never been able to find the paper bigger than 12X18. It’s just thicker than regular paper.

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