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Thread Spool Holder

Thread Spool HolderI have a lot of thread.  This is what happens when you try to match your thread perfectly with your fabric.  No matter how much thread I have, it never fails that none of them match the fabric of my new project and so I must go out and buy another spool.  It also doesn't help that my old way of storing thread was in a plastic bin, all jumbled together, so it's possible I re-bought thread I already had.  Luckily, this tutorial solves my organizational issue and maybe it can also help you with yours.  There's no sewing here, but instead we give you an easy woodworking project for creating your own thread spool holder.  Maybe you've looked at spool holders before while doing your thread shopping.  They're handy but if you have a lot of thread, like me, it can be pretty pricey.  Not only is it fun to make your own, but our thread spool holder is pretty enough to hang on the wall of your craft room and can be painted any color you want.  The best part is, if you start with a decent size wood plaque, it'll hold plenty of thread.  Mine holds about 50 spools, plus bobbins.  With the proper tools, you can easily whip out your own and all your sewing buddies will be impressed.  Learn how to make one today!

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3 thoughts on “Thread Spool Holder

  1. RitaE

    I always thinks about things like this but never have a clue where to get it ….now I will do my self !!! Thanks

  2. everard8

    I’ve done similar projects but never thought to use a nice wood plaque for the base. A helpful tip is to make the pegs longer and put the thread and its matching bobbin on the same one. This way you never have to search for the matching bobbin. Thanks for another great tutorial.


  3. coffeecup22

    This is a lovely idea and very much needed for my cluttered spools in my sewing room.
    The video was exceptionally precise and very well done.
    Thank you!.

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