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Thread Loop

Thread LoopDo you always have to do a buttonhole when you have a button?  Nope, thread loops are also an option, that's perfect for garments made of silky  or sheer fabric.  Unsure of what a thread loop is?  Don't worry!  Our tutorial will show you what it is and demonstrate how to create one.

Thread loops are strands of thread that are stitched together to create a single cord.  I love thread loops for the more delicate looking garments and it's so sophisticated.  Thread loops also have more than one function!  Not only can they be used for a button loop, but they can also be used as a belt loop for garments that use a belt made of fabric or ribbon.  You'll notice that they're used a lot in silky and high end garments.  They won't weigh down the fabric but are also very functional.

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