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Tea Towel

Tea TowelTea Towel DetailI love to make little projects that really help decorate my place and make it more cheery, plus serve a function.  A great way to add some personal touches to your kitchen is with a cute tea towel.  I've made mine to hang on my oven door and love it.  The great thing about this project is that it doesn't take much fabric and it's a project that goes by fairly quickly.  It's also a fun and personalized gift you can give to family and friends.  It's perfect for a housewarming or to line a gift basket.  Add unique touches like embroidery stitches and no one will guess that these are homemade.  For my embroidery, I used the wing needle to do some hemstiches.  I love how elegant it looked and my kitchen has never looked better.

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5 thoughts on “Tea Towel

  1. stacy mitchell

    I bought a yard of white terry cloth fabric at JoAnns. I also bought a few cotton prints, 2 yards because I am going to make an oven mitt and pot holder. I then bought decorative ribbon and in the home section, 1 yard of trim with beading on it. I know that the beading may not wash well but I wanted the bling. I have a surger but am going to attempt folding a hem. I will post my progress

  2. donna morales

    I am so happy you did this tutorial. I was just doing a search on this yesterday believe it or not wanting to try making my own tea towels. Now i have the perfect tutorial to follow. thanks so much. Can’t wait to get started. Yay

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