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Tailor’s Ham

Tailors HamThere's a lot of tools out there to help us as we sew and as you sew more and more you may find yourself collecting more and more of these tools.  One tool that can be helpful, especially if you tend to do a lot of garment sewing is the tailor's ham.  You can find and buy a tailor's ham at your local fabric store but it's also incredibly easy and for the most part cheaper just to make your own tailor's ham.  While it may remind you of a small pillow, the tailor's ham should be really firm and is usually filled with sawdust or sand.  The purpose of the tailor's ham is to help with pressing, so it's typically kept with the ironing board.  While most of the time, you may find that a flat ironing board is fine for your pressing needs, the tailor's ham can really help with curved seams and darts.  Pressing seams like princess seams will be easier when using the tailor's ham and helps give shape to your garment.  Using these same steps you can also make similar items such as a tailor's roll, to help with pressing sleeves, or make your own custom shapes for pressing areas that are more difficult

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    thanks for the great tutorial! I made a ham and a ‘fingerling potato’ today. (‘potato’ I used a 75% and then trimmed down to about 3-4″ wide for smaller parts of bags and things.)

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