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Tailor Tacks

Tailor TacksTailor tacks are an alternative way to mark your fabric pieces instead of using fabric markers, chalk, or pencil.  You would want to use this method if your fabric is particularly busy so it's difficult to see other marks or possible because you're using delicate fabric that is difficult to mark, like lace or chiffon.  It's also great to use tailor tacks for those cases in which you just don't want to mark on the fabric.  Instead of marking, your actually sewing contrasting thread through your fabric.  There's no knots involved so to remove these marks are as simple as lightly pulling out the thread.  While it seems time consuming, it really doesn't take much time to make tailor tacks.  Our tutorial shows you how simple and easy it is to create them.

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2 thoughts on “Tailor Tacks

  1. marie

    Thank you sooo much. I really appreciated this video as I was working with material that no matter what I used, the markings would not show up. I was having a terrible time marking the darts as they are on the outside the dress. came across this video and am so grateful, this is my answer. Never thought to do tailor’s tack as a means of marking the fabric, now I may use this approach all the time.
    thanks again

  2. jc

    Hello Professor Pincushion. Thanks for the video. I’ve heard of tailor tacks (I’m a beginner and sew sparingly), but never knew how to do them. I’m completing a skirt that is “busy”. I used a fabric marker, but forgot to mark it on each side. When it came time to sew, I had to go back and mark the other sides so that I’d be sure that everything lined up properly.

    I’m concerned IF the markings will come out (even though they said it washes out). Won’t have to worry about that with tailor tacking. I’ll be sure to use it on next project! Thanks again. 🙂

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